Awards and Grants


  1. Certificate of Appreciation from IEICE ESS Editorial Committee, 2020

  2. Excellent Presentation Award, 3rd Symposium of IGPR, Chiba University, 2018 (Presenter: Hiroki UJIIE)

  3. Contribution Award (Associate Editor), IEICE ESS, 2018

  4. Best Poster Award, SPIJ Annual Meeting, 2017 (Presenter: Hiroki UJIIE)

  5. Progress Award, SPIJ, 2016

  6. Best Paper Award, SPIJ, 2015

  7. Niwa-Takayanagi Best Paper Award, ITE, 2012


Research Grants

  1. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI), JSPS

    1. Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up, PI, FY2019 - 2020

    2. Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B), PI, FY2014 - 2016

    3. Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity Start-up, PI, FY2011 - 2012

  2. Research Grant, Casio Science Promotion Foundation, PI, FY2018 - 2019

  3. Research Grant, Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunication, PI, FY2018 - 2019

  4. Program for Promoting Enhancement of Research Grants, Chiba University, FY2017

  5. VBL Research Project, Chiba University, PI, FY2014 - 2015

  6. Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D (A-STEP) - FS stage, JST, PI, FY2013

  7. Research Support Program, Chiba University, FY2013

  8. Photographic Research Fund, Konica Minolta Science and Technology Foundation, PI, FY2012

  9. Research for Promoting Technological Seeds (A), JST, PI, FY2009

  10. Support for International Conference Trips, Telecommunications Advancement Foundation, FY2007 and FY2011